Opal Build 0.19

Over the last few weeks, the Opal team was hard at work making the camera work across every video conferencing app on Mac.

We’re pleased to share this new feature with Alpha testers.

To install

  1. Ensure your Mac is updated to 12.3 or greater
  2. Download the latest build here and install
  3. After installation is complete, click System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy
  4. Click the 🔒 icon in the bottom left hand of the window and enter password to unlock
  5. Click the Allow button in the bottom right to allow access

Note: You may have to restart your video conferencing app in order to see changes take effect

After that, you are all setup.

Post install, you can use your Opal through the software on every Mac video app, apps like Facetime, OBS studio, Twitch, Teams, and in Meets or Webex on any Browser – they will all just work.

Along with full app access, this build also gives you early access to a number of new features we are testing including Gestures, Recording, and a new Low Power Mode. It also includes over 80 bug fixes to the previous version.

Send any feedback or ideas to hello@opalcamera.com

Thank you for using Opal.