Opal Build 0.22

Today we’re proud to ship something we’ve been working on for months: a complete overhaul to our Autofocus system. We now utilize special phase detection sensors already onboard your Opal to triangulate distance and focus correctly. We’re also easing changes to focus, to make your focus experience feel gentler. Along with these improvements, we’ve also shipped a few bug fixes around the camera connection.

We’re sharing today with Alpha testers, let us know what you think.

To install

  1. Ensure your Mac is updated to 12.3 or greater
  2. Download and install the latest build here
  3. After installation is complete, click System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy
  4. Click the 🔒 icon in the bottom left hand of the window and enter password to unlock
  5. Click the Allow button in the bottom right to allow access
  6. Restart your Mac for the changes to take effect

After that, you are all setup.

Send any feedback or ideas to hello@opalcamera.com

Thank you for using Opal.