USB Cable Support

Our webcam uses the USB 3.1 standard for both power and data transfer, ensuring high-speed and superior performance. It's crucial that all external devices your camera is going through, including your computer, adapters, hubs, or monitors with built-in USB ports, also support USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2. If any part of this chain doesn't support USB 3.1, you may experience issues with your webcam's functionality. To ensure optimal performance, always check the compatibility of your equipment and reach out to our support team with any queries.


Q: I need a replacement cable. What should I do? A: There could be various reasons for replacing your cable. Perhaps you have misplaced your cable, or you need a longer one to accommodate your setup. Regardless of the reason, it's essential to ensure that the replacement cable meets the specific requirements of your device.

Q: What are the requirements for replacing the cable for my Opal C1? A: You will need a cable that supports USB 3.1 for power and data transfer speeds. Specifically, you will want to make sure that the cable you choose is USB Type-C to USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 compatible.

Q: What is USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1? A: USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1, offers data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps (gigabits per second). It provides reliable connectivity for most common uses and is suitable for everyday tasks such as file transfers and charging devices.

Q: What is USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 2? A: USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 2 is an updated version of the USB standard that offers faster data transfer speeds compared to Gen 1. With Gen 2, you can achieve speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This is particularly useful for tasks that require higher bandwidth, such as transferring large files or streaming high-resolution media.

Q: Are there any other considerations when replacing my cable? A: While ensuring the cable is USB Type-C to USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 is crucial, it's also essential to check the length and quality of the cable. Consider the distance you need to cover and choose a length that suits your requirements. Additionally, opt for cables from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and durability.

Q: Where can I purchase a USB Type-C 3.1 cable? A: USB Type-C cables are widely available and can be purchased from various sources. You can check local electronics stores and online retailers. Be sure to verify that the cable you choose meets the necessary specifications and is compatible with your device.

Q: Can I use an adapter to convert a different type of cable to USB Type-C? A: Yes, adapters are available that allow you to convert cables with different connectors to USB Type-C. However, it's important to ensure that the adapter is designed for the specific cable type you intend to use. Additionally, keep in mind that using an adapter may affect the overall performance and data transfer speeds. Whenever possible, it's recommended to use a native USB Type-C cable for optimal compatibility and performance.

Q: How long of a cable can I use? A: Due to the requirements of USB 3.1 and the power draw of the camera, any cable length or extension of around or over 10 feet long will cause issues with the devices connection.

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